Virtual Cuckolding

Updated: Mar 7

The Benefits of Virtual cuckolding are endless. You can tease your cuck naked in his Chasity cage and make him watch some BBC porn. Cucky can watch some virtual porn while his queen of spades hotwife fucks her BBC bull next to him in the bed. The possibilities are endless with a quest VR headset. The possibilities of endless torture in a Chasity cage, on the go, or a quick cuck vacation trip. We are just starting to explore the VR world of cuckolidng and what it has to offer. IF your looking for that cutting edge next level experience of BDSM tease and denial we think this may be the next big thing. Obviously a lot of these discussion play heavy on the type of cuck you are or the relationship you currently have. I could see this also being great for someone with High self control without a mistress that wants to take his cuck to the next level without having a queen of spades hotwife in his bed just yet.

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