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Updated: Feb 26

If you’re looking for some sexy femdom sex positions, then look no further!

As fun as vanilla sex is…things can get BORING after a while if you do the same things over and over again for years (or decades) on end.

That’s why I think many people should consider a Cuckold Marriage

And one of the big benefits to this type of marriage is that your sex life will never be boring again!

So here are some new femdom sex positions that you should definitely try with your partner!

1. Missionary with feet in mouth

Okay…this one does require SOME flexibility…but I think it’s well worth the effort!

Regular missionary sex can get boring after a while.

So instead of doing that, I would highly recommend doing missionary with your feet in your husband’s mouth.

Everything else is the same.

And if your husband has a big foot fetish, he will LOVE this!

Getting your toes rucked is an incredible sensation Plus, you’ll still be able to maintain eye contact in this position.

2. Ride dick with feet on face

I think this position combines the best of both worlds.

Another good position if your cuck has a foot fetish.

So here’s what you’re going to do…

Your husband will lie down flat on the bed. Meanwhile, you’ll slide yourself onto his dick with your feet facing his face.

Once you are in a comfortable position, smother your feet on his face while you are riding his cock! (If you can ride it of course) as not every cuck is equipped properly for this exercise

3. Face sitting chastity tease

You didn’t think I would talk about femdom sex positions without Chasity play right? 🙂

Well, I’m combining two things with this femdom scene: pussy eating goodness and chastity

So here’s what I want you to do…

Have your husband lie down on the bed and then sit on his face.

You can order him to eat your pussy or ass…or both!

In the meantime, lean forward a bit and tease his chastity cage.

You can use your fingers…or your tongue…or even a nice vibrator!

If you’re going to use the vibrator, I would recommend placing it right on the cock cage so it vibrates throughout his entire pelvic region.

Or you can place it right on his balls…but be careful! The sensation is very strong and you might just milk him!

4. Milked In Chastity

Milking should be on the bucketlist for every cuck.

It’s incredibly fun…frustrating….and quite explosive at times!

My favorite ways to milk someone in chastity is using a vibrator. I think it causes the most explosive results 🙂

Oh and it’s best if you tie down your husband/boyfriend so he can’t move while you’re milking him.

Here’s what you’ll want to do…

Straddle his legs to prevent him from swaying from side to side. Then take your vibrator and place it firmly against his balls and let the vibrators do their work.

In terms of positioning, I think you should try to get both the balls and the cock cage to get the strongest vibrations.

Oh and I would definitely go with a Steel cage I n this instance because they will cause the vibrations to be stronger and you’ll be able to tease his skin once it oozes out fro the cage!

5. Face dildo and riding crop

A face dildo strap is a really great versatile sex toy in the bedroom…especially for FLR

You can order him to stay down while you ride him over and over again while denying him an orgasm.

Or…Sit back and watch him heroically try to give you an orgasm while not being able to taste your delicious pussy.


Ride his face and spank his cock/balls with a riding crop. I think this is a really fun position because you can bring a little pain to his balls if you want him to do something 🙂

6. Anal play/milking his prostate

For the more adventurous couple, I would recommend experimenting around with anal play.

This could be as simple as playing around with a butt plug or go full on with a strapon!

What I recommend is playing around (and milking) your husband’s prostate!

If he’s never had a prostate orgasm before, then he is missing out BIG TIME!

If you’d like to read a post about why you should milk his prostate let me know

7. Pussy eating and denial

One of my favorite things is tease and denial.

And what better way to do this than by having your slave eat your pussy all night long?

P.S. men eat pussy like no tomorrow when locked in chastity! Do what you will with this information…

Order your slave to eat your pussy all night long…but don’t tell him you will deny him.

In fact…tell him you’ll let him out of chastity and cum if he makes you squirt.

And then sit back and watch as he desperately tries to make you cum over and over again.

And after you’ve had enough, inform him that not only will he not cum tonight…but he won’t be getting out of chastity!

Then send him to bed with the smell of your divine pussy all over his lips. The Torture 😈😈

8. Cum in a fake pussy!

This is a really great way to 😈😈 your cuck if he has been locked in chastity for a while!

Instead of rewarding him with a chance to fuck you…give him the “reward” of a fake pussy.

Not only is this humiliating, but it’ll also be fun to watch him hump a piece of plastic like a good cuck.

Oh…and don’t let him out of chastity. Let him hump the fake pussy while the cage is still on.

It’l make it a bit harder to get that orgasm that has long eluded him!

Perfect time for Humiliating talk to your cuck. “this is the only pussy you deserve“

”sorry Cuck but my pussy likes a real man dick”

”I just can’t feel you”

if your into QOS that opens other doors

“wrong color for my pussy”

”Bbc owned”

Femdom Sex Positions: Final Thoughts

If you’re new to femdom and female led relationships in general, then this femdom sex positions list will give you a ton of fun things to do.

which one is your favorite? And which one do you want to try the most?

Let Us know

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