Part 2 How I asked my Wife to Cuckold me.

Updated: Feb 26

This was one of the hardest things I had to do. Not physically but Emotionally! Before I move on I have to give a huge shout out to my wife for always standing beside me and supporting my craziness in every aspect of life.

I would say from a Husband/Boyfriend/man perspective in general this is the line that you don’t want to cross unless your 100% sure. Some would call it the point of no return. If your wife/girlfriend has never brought up this type of encounter or fantasy before you should be very careful how you proceed.

Luckily I overcame my fears for my own personal healthy and selfish desires to explain my desire to be a Cuckold to my wife and everything that comes with it.

Before you do this you should consider several things.

  1. Her feelings

  2. Her potential reactions

  3. Strength of your relationship

  4. Mental stability

  5. Financial stability

  6. Trust issues

Individually explained

  1. Her Feelings : To me this was the most important because I love my wife more than my own life. I had to really consider how she would view this whole situation and how it could potentially impact her emotional health.

  2. Her potential reaction: on a positive note if this is what you really want it will be a thrilling emotion if she was to respond positive. caution: be 100% sure because once you open this door and she does respond positive there is no turning back. If you both get hooked it’s going to change your life. If your wife was to potentially respond negatively it could be due to several underlying questions. “Is he trying to open the door to have sex with other women?“ Is he talking about being a swinger? Depending on the type of Cuckold you are/want (submissiv/BI sexual etc) she could even think your borderline Gay or in the closet and want to suck other men off etc.

#3 strength in your relationship. You should consider everything here. Jealousy is a big 🚩. If you or your partner is jealous 🛑 right here And go no further. How is your Communication? To live a successful cuckold lifestyle you must be able to constantly talk to each other. This lifestyle could make or break you. Personally I trust my wife I know she would never cheat on me, hurt my feelings, go behind my back, be unsafe, put our relationship at risk, our marriage at risk, our family at risk Etc. This is Purely about fulfilling her (and mine) sexual pleasures and desire. So don’t risk your love for one another into this temporary enjoyment. After the Bull leaves guess what your still married still in love still see each other every day.

#4 Mental Stability very important, not going into depth as the title states the obvious but a shaky Mentality is a big problem.

#5 Financial Stability Look I’m not saying you have to be a millionaire to be a Cuckold. Just Keep in mind a few things, hotel’s, traveling, accessories, Good Chasity, Lingerie, Sexy heels 👠 (red bottom Louboutin 😁) or maybe you go all out and get the padlock 🔐 Tom Ford heels etc. Point being don’t skip the rent or pay the light bill to indulge in Sexual desires. Priorities First. #6 Trust I can’t reiterate enough this word! You must be able to trust each other for this to work. A quick scenario you worked all day and you came home to your hotwife In the bedroom. She is dressed in your favorite domina outfit and has your leash and whip on the bed. She demands you to get undressed, blindfolds you and ties you to the bed. Laying naked and helpless she decides to tease your little shrimp inside your 🔐 and she starts to tell you about her day. Which leads into her telling you her bull paid her a visit and fucked her like never before. At this point a real Cuckold Husband would be ready to explode in his cage. suddenly she moves up and whispers in your ear “he left you a present before he left” and proceeds to sit on your face and her Bull warm cum runs out her pussy and into your mouth. You being a good Cuckold clean her pussy spotless not leaving a drop of evidence behind. Trust.

What should I Write about next? We love to hear from our Subscribers So please ask questions and we will do our best.

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