How to have a successful Cuckold Marriage

Cuckold stag/vixen relationships can be an exciting stimulating experience for the right couple. It takes a lot of discussion, trust in your marriage and each other to be successful. Sharing your spouse with others should be sexually rewarding for all involved.

How I Became A Cuckold Wife My husband and I have been together for 20 years, and we had several experiences before we got married. My husband knew I had been in a open relationship before we met that had been exciting but the trust was not there and ruined it.

My husband told me he just wanted to watch me being pleasured by another man. I wasnt sure at first, we were still dating and I was afraid that it might change what we had. It did but for the better. It made our sex life more exciting. I had multiple Hung sex partners before him so I wasn’t sure about his cuckold sized penis.This was the best of both worlds

How My Husband Supports Me My husband is a wonderful man that loves and trusts me. He gets so turned on watching me being pleasured. Our experiences makes me feel sexy and powerful which makes us so hot for each other. We love getting into the belittling and being constantly locked in a cock cage like some couples.

What Couples Should Know Before Going Into Cuckoldry There should be lots and lots of discussion. Rules need to be set and agreed upon beforehand. This is supposed to be fun and exciting for both and not hurtful. It can take your marriage to a new level but can ruin things if the trust is broken.

It is not something to jump into lightly. I don’t let feelings develop with a bull, they are there for fun and casual sex only. We have had good friendships with a few of them but that is all. We do not need or want any drama, just fun and hot sex. You will need to find the right bull that fits what you both are looking for. Be honest with your expectations and your fantasies upfront. Be very clear about what you want and do not want to happen.

One of the most asked questions we get on our personal Twitter accounts is how to get their spouse to get into this lifestyle. We always tell them to be honest, have a discussion, watch some cuckold porn together or try going to a sex club to watch. See if it excites you both. Don’t pressure your spouse into anything, as that only brings negative emotions.

Tips To Make A Cuckold Marriage Work Honesty and transparency are key to making this type of relationships work. I don’t do anything that he doesn’t know about. This works for us because of the love, respect and trust we share. If he or I decided tomorrow that we wanted to stop or take a break from the lifestyle, we would respect their decision. Until then, we will enjoy the carnal world of cuckolding. We share our experiences and lifestyle on Twitter. It’s exciting and liberating to share with others like us or who are curious about the lifestyle.

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