‘Hotwife’ Fantasy

What Men Find So Damn Sexy About The 'Hotwife' Fantasy

How would you feel if a friend of yours went to your house and approached your Wife, who happens to be lying on the couch wearing her skimpiest shorts without panties? Your friend is more muscular than you and his big package is bulging against his pants. Your wife notices this, gets instantly aroused and asks you if you want this guy to screw her brains out. All you can do is agree silently and take a seat as you watch another man play with your wife. You might be surprised to know that most guys have this kind of kinky "hotwife" fantasy

In fact, a "cuckold fetish" is one of the most searched genres on many porn sites. But why is it that so many guys find the thought of this type of situation arousing rather than upsetting? Here are the answers

The Motivation Behind This Fantasy Research shows that cuckold fantasies have several motivations and factors that trigger it, such as social and cultural norms. Due to the fact that it's considered to be a taboo, many people find themselves intrigued by the idea, wondering what it would feel like to be involved in such an experience.

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Likewise, the Internet has provided a vehicle through which people can easily watch these fantasies come to life, which may help them feel more eager to explore the fantasy further by trying it out. Believe it or not, many couples are involved in a "hotwifing" relationship.

Impregnation And Breeding In a cuckold fetish, impregnation is the term used to imply a certain level of submission. Breeding is a term commonly used to refer to animals reproducing, but in the cuckold lifestyle, it's considered to be the submissive nature of the wife, who is being "owned" by another person who's not her husband. In these circumstances, the husband typically accepts and supports this modification to their marriage. For couples who choose to offer their partner to others for this most ultimate form of intimacy, there is often an enjoyment of the anticipation and planning, as well as a ceremony held for it. The process can be highly erotic and pleasurable for both the couple and the Dominant.

Sex With Several Men There are couples who allow their partners to have sex with multiple men so the father of the resulting child will remain anonymous. This can be quite risky, as being aware of who the father is can be important on several levels. Some couples relish the idea of allowing nature to take control and let the semen of both the lover and the husband compete for a place in the wife's womb. On the other hand, for those who are dedicated to this fetish, they will purposely limit the cuckold's access to intercourse while the partner is fertile in order to ensure that the woman will only carry the lover's child.

Many heterosexual, married men experience this fantasy running through their minds at certain points in their lives. They find the prospect of watching their wives have sex with other guys to be sexually arousing. This is where the term "cuckold" originated. It literally means a man whose wife is cheating on him and he's fully aware of it. Having this kind of kinky fantasy isn't unhealthy at all, but should be treated carefully, as bringing another person into your bed could affect your sex life and marriage — either positively or negatively.

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