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Updated: Feb 26

As a cuckold there’s probably nothing better than date night preparation. After all, there are just so many BIG things to do that night!

Serving your wife and her lover on their date is such a privilege! So, you obviously don’t want to screw it up.That’s why I to write out basically a list of your responsibilities.

Some of this may seem intuitive to you if you have served as a cuckold for a while, but I wrote this guide more or less for beginners. obviously this should be adjusted accordingly to fit your need.

cuckold date night

1. Help pick her outfits

As the cuck your Hotwife will not let you have a final say in the matter, but you may help your wife pick out an outfit to wear.

This can be a very fun activity because you’ll be imagining another man’s hands ripping this off your wife later.

Just think about how hot it will be when he unzips that dress or unhooks that bra and takes her on the bed!And if you are taking her shopping at the mall, you’ll be helping her in public too! In fact, it will be quite fun while she’s there in the changing room teasing you with new clothes she’s going to wear for her Bull.

Oh and if you are shopping for new outfits, you’ll obviously be paying.

After all, it is a BIG honor to help pay for clothes that her bull will enjoy, right? 🙂

2. Get car ready

Another cuckold duty for the big night is DD. Make sure you are always on call in case they need you to pick them up at a moment’s notice.

Make sure you are close by their location so they don’t have to wait as well. This is obviously a big responsibility because by being their DD they can drink as much as they want! Note:

If you live in a colder climate I suggest making sure the car is nice and toasty before you leave. No one wants to ride in a cold car!

If it is raining outside, come out with the umbrella so your Domina don't get wet. lets call it cuck courtesy

3. Make the bed

Your wife and her lover shouldn’t have to wait to fuck. Make sure the bed is clean.

Make sure you put down the plastic under the sheets 💦 💦 💦 awaits your wife’s 🐱.The bed should be made well in advance of their arrival.

Further, if you know they are going to be fucking all night long, be sure to have extra sheets available after they trash them (and trust me, they will). Personally I would keep towels on hand in case they need them and be ready with refreshments like water, soda, juice, etc.

It is important to hydrate after doing massive cardio like riding her bulls dick for multiple hours.

4. Reservations

Sometimes as a cuckold, you must act as a personal assistant. You should make/confirm hotel reservations, dinner reservations, excursions, etc. Basically, you are there to help plan their dates and vacations to ensure nothing goes wrong.

5. Clean shoes

Does your wife’s 👠 have any scruff marks? Are the soles dirty?Well, you are going to have to clean it up.

After all, your wife should be looking her absolute best when riding her bulls Cock wouldn’t you agree?

So if she has any shoes or heels that need cleaning, you will be on standby to get the job done!

Oh and don’t think you’ll be using anything other than your tongue for this.

Nothing cleans better than a cuckold’s tongue, right? 🙂

6. Be on standby for anything

As a loyal cuck you should be on standby for anything while your wife and her lover are together.

For example, maybe they are craving French fries after a long night of fucking.That’s when you go and pick some up at her favorite restaurant.Or maybe she wants a bottle of wine ready and chilled at the hotel. That’s when you call the front desk and have everything set up by the time they check into the room.Think of yourself as her own personal assistant (I mean…bitch!) If there’s anything she needs at all, you will do it.Her wish is your command!

7. Suck cock, eat pussy

Does your wife Demand you to put her Bull ready before he enters her?

Well, that’s what you are going to do!

Does she need you to clean her juices off his cock?

Well, that’s what you’re going to do then!

You will orally serve your wife’s lover in any way she wants. In fact, one really romantic and erotic thing to do is suck his cock together!

Further, you’ll be cleaning up his cum from her pussy too (or anywhere else he cums on her).

Not only is this a duty for date night, but it’s also a good way to have your 🔐 released and potentially be allowed to Cum on her Feet (because she won’t be able to feel your little dick at this point)

Cleaning your wife’s messy creampie is also a very romantic thing in a cuckold relationship. It shows your Domina you take your submissive role seriously.

8. Clean up messes

As a cuck you need to be on standby on date night to clean up messes of any kind – and I’m not just talking about the bedroom here…Dirty sheets need to washed, toys cleaned, glasses and dishes washed etc

A good cuckold will clean up any mess to allow his wife much needed rest after that fucking.

9. Sleep in separate rooms

If your wife’s bull is spending the night in your bed? Well, obviously you may need to sleep elsewhere

In that case, you’ll likely be sleeping on the couch, the floor, etc

Or maybe your wife will get a doggy cage for you to sleep in by their bed! In that case, you are in for quite the treat as they fuck!

Note: you may have problems sleeping if they are fucking all night long!

Try not to get too hard in your Chasity

10. Make cocktails

Are your wife and her bull spending a night in at the house? Well, you are going to be their bartender.

Brush up on their favorite drinks and how to make them. And be sure to keep the bar nice and stashed so you don’t run out of anything.

11. Be entertainment

As a cuckold, it’s not uncommon that you may be the entertainment for your wife and her lover.

For example, she may show him your chastity cage to get a good laugh.

Or she could have you compare dick size with him for photo memories

Or she could tease you and maybe play fetch with your chastity key.

So if your wife wants to be entertained, you will do it willingly!

12.Pay for Everything

Are your wife and her bull going on a hot night on the town?bar hopping?Dancing?

Then you will be footing the bill like a good boy! There’s nothing like being the third wheel with your wife and her bull.

Just sit in the corner, hold her purse, and watch as they drink and dance together. I’m sure you’ll be squirming in your cage I know I would.

And when it’s time to pay the bill, she’ll snap her fingers and you’ll get your credit card out like a good cuckold!

Cuckold Date Preparation – Final Thoughts

Overall, there can be a lot of responsibilities when it comes to serving your wife and her lover(s).

But that’s just why it’s so much fun being a cuckold: there will never be a dull moment in your sex life again! The days of her trying to go to sleep frustrated and horny will be over. A hard fucking by her bull will put her full and satisfied. So shut up get her a drink and rub her feet like a good boy.

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