How was I introduced to Cuckolding?Husband Edition

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This is a interesting story from both perspectives but this will describe how I became a real life Cuckold.

I’m in my mid 30’s now I had normal middle class upbringing normal childhood etc.I grew up in a small town where football was everything. I started playing at age 6. when I was around 12 years old I was introduced to weightlifting. I continued through until age 18 with never given any thought into side effects of heavy lifting at such a young age. Being from a small town and not having interest in technology I was never exposed much to porn etc. So I lost my virginity at 15 had a couple partners through high-school but nothing crazy.

I knew after puberty I would never be a porn star as I have a let’s say smaller than average penis. (My wife says I can’t even call it a dick haha). I met my wife at the age of 19 she was 23. After our first sexual experience compared to everything prior in my life I could tell she was way out my league. A little about us I am a white male and she is a Latina female. During our first sexual encounter its hard to describe it but just the way she moved her hips throwing her Latina ass back at me was mind blowing (Instant love 😍).

I didn’t exactly struggle to put my penis inside her either it more or less fell right in. My Size truly never affected me or depressed me etc. Mostly because I couldnt change it either way so I learned to live with what I had. As we became more intimate and deeper into our relationship we had those talks that couples have like how many previous partners.She only had 3 previous partners, (which shocked me in the moment), and of course I had to ask “so I‘m the best right?” In this moment we didn’t know each other like we do now but she was very polite about it and was honest in Her response (Much respect to her for that Honesty is huge in cuckolding). Being from a Latin country her 3 previous partners were all Latino of course and even though they ranged they all had Dicks and 1 would even classify as a Cock. (side note I was surprised to find out Latino men were so hung in general versus the average world)

To clarify I never got off thinking about her messing around with an ex (because I know that’s a thing) but it did arouse me to know even though she had experienced some big Dicks in her life she was still loving my shrimp. I guess you could say the first couple years into our relationship was normal. A backstory is probably necessary before I continue.

I’ve always had a entrepreneurial mindset and started my own business straight out of high school. I’ve never had to look back at that decision so I’ve always been the boss so to speak. This leads me to make every decision that takes place daily which plays a huge part into this for me Later on.

With everything that’s been said your probably starting to put things together. In the bedroom I just didn’t want to make the decisions. I am a power seeker in real life but it just felt like such a relief to take a step back and be told what to do. (Unknown to her) I started having a desire to be dominated. I started looking into submissive/domination relationship and even then hadn’t really came across cuckolding Yet.

I’ve always had a open mind in sexual categories but my wife on the other hand was very traditional and didn’t even like the idea of buying a dildo or toy.Knowing this (and being selfish probably looking back at it) I started small and bought a dildo a decent amount bigger (2x or 3x than my penis ((which isn’t that difficult to find 🤣🤣)) one day to spice things up alittle.

She about freaked and would just not accept it in the beginning. After some weeks had passed and some drinks one night I finally got her to cave into my request and try it out. I would say This was the first turning point because the way she enjoyed that bigger toy was mind blowing to me.

However I was wrong, sometime over the period of a month we never used it again and one night doing our normal routine (missionary) and she flipped over for some Doggystyle. Now I don’t know my readers but to help you understand the scenario with her Latina ass and my little shrimp 🍤 it’s a constant battle to keep it inside her much less actually fuck her so she can feel even a tickle. After a little frustration she said “put the toy”. I was shocked to say the least but so excited and Horny asf. So me being a good husband I held the toy to the bed as hard as I could and she just started to murder that dildo. This was the first time I realized how much I got off on her pleasure alone. I literally Cummed all over myself just watching her enjoy the toy.

Insight: to show you how good of a person my wife is and how big her heart is she was so worried and concerned afterwards thinking I would be mad or upset and started explaining that sometimes she just needs that feeling of a bigger Dick. Little did she know (and didn’t for years) that I got off so much on that statement its probably ridiculous.

As time went on about 3 years passed the toys just got bigger and the bedroom got spicier. I ran across a big dildo on sale that probably changed the game more than any up to that point. After a certain point you realize it’s not the length of the toy as much as the girth so I was Constantly looking at the girth of the toys. Well I ran across the Bam dildo which was long but an absolute girth monster. While she’s not attracted to black men per say she certainly enjoyed the BBC toy! It became a common routine to mix this big dildo into our relationship.

Now at the same time this was happening towards the beginning of this 3 year span I ran across porn that first introduced me to “cuckolding“ (my search was literally husband likes to watch wife ride big dildo) I had no idea what it was and had to Google the term Cuckold myself. I have this natural habitat of reading about something until no end. So for 3 years im falling in love with this idea.

To me Cuckolding was like this perfect lifestyle where there are so many varieties that I was always interested in reading about the different types of Cuckolding. I don’t know if I fit in any particular category so it was perfect for me to mix multiple things together.

1. I have no interest in other women to me my wife is a freaking pornstar with the best everything. Pussy ass mouth Tits feet (yes I have a huge foot fetish since teenage years) etc

2. I’ve always had this deep desire to be dominated in the bedroom (she still doesn’t know this yet)

3.I get off thinking purely about her pleasure

4. I get rock hard seeing her ride and cum on big dildos at this point

5. I have a small penis

6.last but not least as it plays a huge factor into this whole thing is Humiliation,Humiliation,Humiliation.

It was almost like they created Cuckolding just for me. I felt weird ashamed embarrassed emotional stressed depressed etc. I thought something was wrong with me. So for 3 years I kept reading and it brought me comfort to see other people live and love the lifestyle. Part 2 How I asked my wife to cuckold me.

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