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Updated: Feb 26

Cuckold is a taboo in almost all societies (if not in all) this issue of Cuckold/ Cornudo is a fantasy present in the minds of many couples worldwide, both men and women. Sometimes they are silent fantasies and other times it is manifested to the couple with happy consequences for some and unhappy for others (in my case it was somewhat difficult to accept).

In my experience and the cases that I have been able to access through reading, cuckold is not a fantasy that everyone can put into practice. Only couples who have reached a high level of maturity and solidity could dare to propose this adventure to their partner and take a few small steps and evaluate how comfortable and safe they feel about it.

The first time my husband spoke of his fantasies it was a bit difficult to assimilate, I am from a third world country, I grew up the old way so to speak. Under the concept that a woman must wait to have sex with the man with whom she will spend the rest of her life, that if a woman has had more than 1 intimate partner she has lost her "value" as a woman, than a woman will passed by several men is a prostitute, etc ... .. So imagine my face and my ideas when I heard my husband say that he wanted to see me with another man !!!!! Thousands of ideas crossed my mind; is he testing me? He wants to see if I'm not satisfied with him? Do you want to see if I am capable of being unfaithful to you? Is he looking for an excuse to leave me? He does not love me? What man who says that he loves his wife with all his soul is going to want another man to possess her ???? It was a battle between my brain, my culture and myself.

After much thought and analysis, I decided that what I wanted most in life was to be happy with my husband and that if he was there, it was one of the ways to make him happy, I would do it. I began to fantasize in my mind, I began to tell my husband that I would like to do first, for a while it was like a drug, taking it made me crazy but after a while it was not enough. Until one day I felt the need (like breathing) to have a bigger penis inside me. I looked my husband in the eye and said I'm ready 🙃.

My advice is that the cuckold couple should be completely sure of what they want to do. She must love her husband and know that whatever she does or with whom she does it, she will always return to her home (with irritated vagina and full of semen). He must be completely sure of her love and that her sexual encounters with other men are just that, sex. If you are not 100% sure, do not do it, there are times when it is better to leave everything in mere fantasy, so why you will risk your relationship if you are not sure?

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