Las Vegas Bull

Updated: Feb 26


I'm going to tell you how my husband's fantasy (his 😉🙃) came true, seeing me having sex with another man.

Thus, like several of us who started this fantasy, we talked about it for a long time, always fantasizing until, to my pleasant surprise, it happened!!! Our wedding anniversary is in August and we decided to go to the city of sin “Las Vegas”, we did what any couple does, get to know the city, go out to eat, have a lot of sex, go play in the casinos, etc.

One night after doing all of the above we started talking about it and decided to start the search, I have to accept that I am a bit demanding and every photo that my husband showed me was not enough for me, I am a very visual person and I need feel physical attraction (I think I have the right to decide which man is going to fuck me). Another thing that didn't help was knowing that the bulls we were looking at online were bisexual 🤦🏻‍♀️, to understand me you should know my beloved husband, BJ is very manly, he's a country boy, muscular, with green eyes that remind you of green from a mountain, his hair is dirty blonde but with a shrimp between his legs hahahahahahahahaha. With these characteristics I could not look for something less than him. We searched and searched until we finally found a Russian!!!! With a lot of nerves and a lot of excitement, we agreed to meet at the hotel, I was super nervous but excited at the same time! I took a shower, I put on a black lingerie (it never fails 🤣) and black heels with red soles and spikes that call for fornication!!!

My God the nerves felt in our silence somewhat uncomfortable. Thirty minutes later, once we heard the sound of little knocks on the door, we knew there was no going back. The Russian entered the room and I think he noticed my nervousness and began to talk with us, this gave me a little peace of mind, we began to talk about our curiosities, my husband began giving me oral sex while our bull took off his clothes, like a good Cuckold BJ stepped aside and the Russian began to kiss my whole body, after a few minutes of caresses (which went from my neck to my feet) I let myself go. I was still a little nervous but very wet, after those minutes of caresses that seemed like hours hahahahahahahaha the onslaught began!!! His penis was much bigger and thicker than BJ's, when he penetrated me I felt something unique, fantastic, PHENOMENAL…. Moans that had never come out before came out of my mouth, his Penis and my vagina were unified making an ancient dance of male and female, of sex, of lust and desire. After a few minutes of his initial relentless thrust, I turned on my side with my face directed towards BJ and he continued to penetrate me this time with more force, with what little sanity I had left I signaled for BJ to come suck my ass. I was being penetrated by an Alpha male and was receiving oral sex from my shrimp, what more could I ask for in life. I don't know how many times I cum this went on for many hours, the bull came about 4 times. BJ's cage was completely filled with his cum. I can see in my husbands face a thousand morbidity and the satisfaction of having seen how a true stallion fucked his wife. We said goodbye to the bull and finally the shrimp was released from his cage. He tried his best to fuck me but the hole in my vagina was so big from the bull's penis that I couldn't feel BJ's little shrimp. This was even more exciting for him and he came like never before.

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