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Updated: Feb 26

Let the Chastity Games Begin!

Now you’ve got your equipment, and you are locked and ready to play, the only remaining step is to choose a game and get playing! These are just suggestions and all of the games can be altered to suit your needs and desires. You might want to make it shorter or longer or find even more ways to tease and torture your partner before you let them out! If you have ideas 💡 or do something in real life We would love to hear from our subscribers.

ON ICE This game is great for solo or couples and only requires some basic props. To play, place your key in a container full of water put it in the freezer until it’s frozen solid. When you or your keyholder decide some play time is on the cards, take the frozen black and let it melt to release the key. They say a watched pot never boils, but in this case, it’s more like a watched block of ice never melts. You’ll be desperate with anticipation as you watch and wait, but be careful not to upset your keyholder though, or they might just put it back in the freezer! As an alternate you can always use a bigger cube like the Sphere for whiskey 🥃. Nobody said drinking wasn’t allowed

Dice The sky really is the limit when it comes to dice-based chastity games and you can keep adding new rules as your chastity play develops. Here’s a simple one to get you started. Take two dice. The first one decides how many days you are locked up, so it could be one day or six depending on the luck of the roll! The roll decides how many minutes you will be allowed out for by taking the number on the dice and multiplying it by 10. If you roll a six, lucky you — that’s a whole hour of freedom. Just hope you don’t roll a one! You can also add a third dice/roll to decide what you will be allowed to do when you are released by giving each number a specified activity (e.g., 1 = oral sex, 2 = penetrative sex, and so on). Doubles should be a penalty so be careful because snake eyes 👀 might equal strap on time. Oh and back to back doubles may just be a week added to your lock up with some teasing to make you cum in your cage. Be Careful what you wish for.

Keyholder Quiz This is the perfect way to demonstrate your devotion to your keyholder by showing just how well you know them! Have your keyholder come up with questions about themselves that you must answer. Each correct answer banks a number of minutes of freedom, but each wrong answer takes minutes from the bank. End up in minus points, and it’s up to your keyholder to decide your punishment!

For your sake I hope you listen to her small talk.

Hint Keyholders could make this extra exciting by asking very Particularly hard Questions.

Chasity Treasure Hunt If you love the thrill of the chase and want something a little more involved then why not try a sexy scavenger hunt that could lead to freedom! Have your keyholder come up with clues, riddles, or tasks you must solve to get the next clue. This is a game that can keep going so it’s up to your keyholder how many clues there are before the final one. For even more anticipation, they can keep it a secret, so you never know if you are near the end or not!

In a Predicament If you love the squirming indecision of being stuck between a rock and a hard place, then predicament chastity games will really get you going. Think of it as a cruel and kinky version of ‘would you rather.’ This is especially fun for keyholders who love to be cruel. Make your captive choose between more time in lockdown or a task you know they won’t enjoy. If you love humiliation play, is the game for you! ***My Cucks Favorite really endless possibilities here

Hide and Seek Have your keyholder hide the key and let the search begin! You can make this as short or as long as you like. For a quick game, let your partner hide the key somewhere around the house. Make it even more exciting by having them tease you while you search, upping the ante for finding the key. For a longer game, expand your search area and have your keyholder drop you clues. *** this can be really fun depending on the effort your willing to put in.


Get Out on Good Behaviour This is chastity game is perfect for exploring domination and submission and it’s a win-win for both partners. You get the pleasure of being locked up and pleasing your keyholder and they get to be treated like a King or Queen! You keyholder can make requests that you can choose to complete. It could be anything from cooking them a nice meal to giving them some outstanding oral sex! They must then mark your efforts out of 10 and your score corresponds to how long you will be unlocked for.

Climax on the Clock If your keyholder is a stickler for time, then this might be a quick, fun game to play! When they decide to release you, you will have a set time to orgasm, and for every minute you go over time, you extend your time back in total genital lockdown. They really get to be as kind or as cruel as they like here!

Chastity Game Safety

We want to have some good, clean, kinky fun and part of that is making sure everyone involved is kept safe, so make sure to follow these guidelines for safe play.

  • Always follow the rules of safe, sane, and consensual for both the keyholder and the person in the chastity device.

  • Agree on boundaries and a safeword/signal beforehand.

  • Recommend to keep a spare key (preferably on your Horwife anklet of course) that you can access in case of emergency.

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