How long is to long?

Updated: Mar 7

This is not a typical blog but as I’m waiting for my BBC Gangbang this weekend I wanted to check on the status of my 🔐. From our members I would love to hear how long is to too long to keep your cucks locked up? As you can see 90 days 🔐 can take its toll as my cuck is about to explode. He knows it’s not happening until I get cleaned from head to toe after my BBC Gangbang cream pies are done. General practice for us would be 6-8 weeks with some edging, torturing, humiliation, precum, Chasity tears etc. You should probably supervise the showers and let your cuck take it off and clean everything thoroughly. Any Cuck, Hotwife, Queen of spades, Keyholder, BBC Bull or any other individual into Chasity play we would love to hear your opinion on the matter.

We know you have different levels of Chasity play which should also be considered.

In our opinion :

Beginner Chasity play: 1 day-7 days

Intermediate: 2-8 weeks

Advanced : 8-16 weeks

Pro: 24 weeks

Extreme/Lifestyle: 6 months plus

I would say my cuck is somewhere in the advance to pro stage but it didn't happen overnight. Beginner stage is a good test run. If you have the right Chasity cage with the right fit and you go a week on your first run id say you have a good chance of evolving into an advanced user if desired easily. If the first 24 hours bother you and you seek relief its 2 things. 1. your to excited and need to relax. I know the thought of our hotwife or queen of spades fucking her BBC Bull excites you but remain calm. 2. Your just not cut out for Chasity play and maybe it isn't right for you.

Some Men find it difficult to accept and make excuses about Chasity play or why they don't participate. Personally I love the fact that cuckoliding is so flexible but I find Chasity at the core of a cuck relationship 99% of the time. So either your husband/cuck is to macho or self conscious to try it and/or maybe afraid they will start to like it. Some men just cant accept the power factor in Chasity play and letting your hotwife or queen of spades mistress decide when the next time you will be released to cum will actually happen.

Let us know in the comments Your thought.

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